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Country Tentasy

What is this? – Partnering with farmlands, these tents are placed among lush farms and give a first-hand exposure to farmers’ way of life. While we do not deviate from our original intention of providing a secure tenting experience, we give part of our revenue towards farm development and to farming families.

Why? – Farmers are our providers and our responsibility to give something back to them is the idea behind these accommo‘tents’. You can access their produce first hand without any messing middle men, break bread with family, and overall have a beautiful ‘farmland’ experience.

Who is it for? – You, me, them, anyone! We believe, this is for the ‘modern caveman’ – one who is looking for a rustic ambience, minimum hassle but with a conscience to help the farmers earn a bit of extra income!

What is this? – Our premium accommo‘tent’ gives you access to fine amenities, pools and more, while being housed in the quintessential tents at secure villas.

Why? – This is perfect if you want to give your family, friends or team a fun experience without compromising on the usual holiday luxury. Yes, it is an absolute safe choice if you want your little one to taste the tenting experience but in a secure environment.

Who is it for? – The accommo‘tents’ can be a quick weekend getaway or a gift to your loved ones/team or a large group of friends who want to explore but not compromise on the tenting experience.

Premium Tentasy

Urban Tentasy

What is this? – The Urban Accommo‘tent’ – the perfect balance between work, adventure and affordability. They are stationed on rooftops and garden spaces – this unique concept is our brainchild to offer alternative accommodation options to the modern traveler.

Why? – Work-Travel-Pleasure!
Travel is one of the adventures that gives food and pleasure for our soul. And this is our solution to balance adventure and cost-effectiveness. Add to it we give you the pleasure of soaking up the beauty of sunrise/sunset amidst the concrete jungle!

Who is it for? – Conveniently placed across the city, allowing you to stay at multiple locations, helping you cut down your travel time across the city, safe and secure, these tents are for anyone going solo, backpacking or just flitting through the city.

What is this? – Our Nature accommo‘tents’ are placed on lands and areas between the actual forest and rural set-ups, allowing one to ‘prowl’ into nature to satiate their flora and fauna curiosities (read ‘research purpose’).

Why? – Nature is our springboard to relearn, retrospect and rejuvenate. We understand the need for curious minds to delve into the lives of the wild to bridge many scientific questions. What is a better way to do this than peacefully tenting in the borders encased in a secure perimeter as you watch and learn from our Mother nature!

Who is it for? – While we mention these tents are for the serious researchers and ones who know the protocols of tenting and especially being amidst nature, this can also be for those seeking a bit of soulful solitude.

Nature Tentasy

The 5th Category

What is this? – The traditional accommodation option with a twist! Scoured and secured the Tentasy way, this is the perfect getaway or even a business stay!

Why? – Most travelers need a sense of security and are comfortable in traditional settings. The idea to onboard cottages and homestays, hostels, dorms, and all other ‘stay’ models, is to reinforce the idea of comfort and reliability in accommodations. Of course, Tentasy ensures these are safe & well-secured and are on par with the standards that we follow!

Who is it for? – We should say it is for the traditional traveler looking at not adventure but comfort and easy in-out options. Yet, we also say it can be for anyone – couples, families, or friends looking for a uber-safe option to stay during getaways.

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