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Journey Thus Far

As teens, we wanted to explore the beyond that lies within reach of our city lives. Crazy-minded and with friends who thought similar, we marched upon a nearby ‘site’ to set up camp. That is when we realized, the nuances that entailed this little expedition of ours – a lone female with mostly male friends accompanying her brought in additional security worries; scourging for decent necessary amenities was another concern. Luckily, we were fed and sheltered by a loving family who owned the farm nearby.

This experience set us thinking on how we could possibly make this better for those who wanted to explore and enjoy an outdoor tent experience without all the stress. And today we made this dream a reality – TENTASY is that thought of bringing tent accommodation to everyone, within affordable means, and with doubled up security.

Today we have on-boarders who vouch for a safe and secure tent experience.

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