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Our Mentors


An enthusiast for everything outdoors, Madhu’s love for being ‘outside’ has led him to take up outdoor teaching as a profession (in one of the most reputed schools of Bangalore). He loves to help children embrace the comfort and beauty of being outdoors.

His inherent love for nature and nurturing it with respect, helps steer his students toward the same. His understanding of nature like a second skin and his zeal to make others around him understand the importance of nature in our lives is one of the prime reasons he is a Mentor at Tentasy. His aim to make people see the true colours of nature, ensuring a secure environment while doing so and his keen sense of business is a combination Tentasy surely banks on.


Samuel John is the co-founder of ‘Spiders and the Sea’, a social enterprise working towards bridging people and nature – through research, outreach, and creative storytelling. As an independent researcher, he is interested in spider behavior and natural history. When he’s not photographing spiders or writing about them, he can be seen playing the blues for them.

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