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Major Sooraj

A Survivor, Combatant, Sportsman, Motocamper, Traveller, Shutterbug, Mountaineer, and a Storyteller. 

A motorcycle enthusiast and nomad of sorts I have traveled the length and breadth of this Great Country – thrice from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, across Northeastern states and getting ‘leh’ed exploring Jammu and Kashmir!

Done it all with a decent record of 15000 kms in mere 31 days – from fixing ropes on a four-point Ice wall at -50 Degress to pulling the trigger of an Anti Aircraft Gun at +50 Degress – My journey as a Combatant has always kept me living on the edge. 

There’s never been a trip without challenges or detours. But thanks to many connections that get built along the journey, it always seems like an endeavoring path. Rewarding are the moments of joy, tears, glory, and to every emotion that a shutterbug like me cannot but resist to capture.


Robert Frost’s line – “I took the road less travelled and that has made all the difference”, inspires me. Saddling on a bike with the wind on my face and riding toward these paths is my idea of a perfect holiday!

An avid foodie with a sniffer sense of smell, a movie buff, die-hard fan of cricket and tennis since childhood, which is the only thing that can take me away from a chilled glass of beer! I value friendships over anything else in life. My favorite thing to do is putting a smile on peoples’ faces.

Numbers fascinate me in a way and has helped me graduate in Commerce and lead a profession through the same.

My passion for adventure and love for perfect holidays pushed me to co-set up Tentasy. Outdoors is my peace-haven and I aim to give as much security to my business as I would do to myself!


Peace and laughter – I live by these words. Though I have 4 years of work experience as CSE, my passion lies in travel and work therein. I am a keen observer of people around me, seek and gather information and love to play mischief on my friends!

My interest to learn more about agriculture, farming and its relevance to our present and future, had me try different options, before landing up with people at Tentasy. It piques my interest, thirst to learn and do more in the field of farming.


I love authentic street foods, roaming around gallis for steal deals, taking risk in going away from set plans, valuing ‘experience’ more than materialistic aspects of life. I love getting lost in the present, the now, the ‘moment’ when I travel, rather than think of work or family or future, helping me get my peace and clarity to go on further – this is me… the carefree yet grounded person!

I am a traveller and a foodie, A Muay-Thai enthusiast, with my heart literally set outdoors. Professionally though, I am the Co-Founder of MyAnmol Insurance Brokers LLP and STOWD with a Chartered Accountant qualification.

My intent of giving a family or any traveller, a secure net while traveling, I collaborated with like-minded friends to set up Tentasy. I would never risk the safety of my family and that is what I bring to my business too.


Solo travels, adventure, risk taking, exploring… this defines me. Taking off into the beautiful hills, seas and wilds, drives my passion.

I am an entrepreneur with Double Degrees in Communication, Media Studies, Public Relations and Advertising. Professionally, I lead a team under my company Just A Thought, to enable Digital Marketing and Content Marketing.

My team says that I am very accommodative and easy to work with and I must say I am a quick friend-maker. I love sweating in the gym, cycling with friends and am a foodie! I am in love with life and this want in me to see more of the world each day, each year saw me collaborate with Tentasy. It rounds up my natural instinct to put safety and security as topmost priority and yet allows me to freely explore my passion of adventure.

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