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Why Tentasy?

Our aim is to make tent accommodation an alternative travel option, without the actual hassle that comes with it. And we pride ourselves in providing an eco-friendly solution that is affordable. We make tenting available by minimizing the risks, helping few hands, providing security, and yet give you a wholesome tenting experience.

Here are simple reasons as to why you should choose us –

Women and Family Safety – Our camps deliver that beautiful experience through a safe, secure and exclusively designed tents. Women campers can feel comfortable without constantly looking over their shoulders as we ensure no male campers are on the same site and provide added security to make them feel utmost safe.

Hassle-Free – Like we said, we take care of A-Z while you can concentrate on maximizing your tenting experience. We recce and approve camping sites, plan the tent pick-up and drop points, offer clean and sanitized restrooms, and also provide you with a quick guide to the nearest amenities and tourist places.

Easy on your Pocket – Travelling and accommodation are the biggest costs when one is planning a trip/vacation/tour. That is why we are here to help you bring down the cost but in a safe and secure way, allowing you an enjoyable experience.

On one side, our accommo’tents’ are reasonably priced regardless of the sector you choose, thus making it the most affordable accommodation available!

On the other side, we help you with safe accommo’tents’ across places. You can book a Tentasy site each day, in the place of your choice, thereby cutting down on going back and forth from one base. We aim to be your best travel friend and ease out on the unnecessary spends!

Farmers Are Our Social Responsibility – We have joined hands to help out people’s food providers – the farmers. We set up tents in farmlands to help them earn a bit of income and also to nudge them to keep farming practice attractive. Yes, while you are there, gorge on the local produce and beam at the smiles and kindness you get in return.

Pet friendly – While we think of bringing man close to nature and giving a rustic experience for accommodation, we cannot leave behind a man’s best friend. Yes, we have ensured our select accommo’tents’ are friendly enough to welcome your 4-legged family. Of course, there will be certain rules to adhere to (explained while there is a requirement for a pet-friendly accommo’tent’), we ensure that your quality time with your fur-friend is not hampered with and strengthens your bonds!

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